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The word "wellness" most often makes people think of the physical, but the truth is, our overall wellness cannot be separated into categories. The wellness of our bodies is affected by everything around us: stress levels, relationships, environmental factors, and more. As a Mayo Clinic Certified Health and Wellness Coach, M uses Motivational Interviewing (MI), strategic goal setting, empathy, high energy, and enthusiasm to guide individuals in their wellness journey. As a result, the client commits to actions that manage the most important factors impacting their current state and puts them on the path to success.

Choosing a healthy lifestyle takes courage and hard work. Be bold. EVERY day.

Michelle coaches and trains individuals at varying levels of physical health, athletic abilities, and age ranges. Wellness coaching can be done both in person and by phone, and fitness classes take place at VO2 Fitness in Newark, Ohio.  The coaching process is client-centered: You are the expert in your own life. M asks you the questions that need answered as you work to build a successful path to wellness.  Michelle’s ultimate goal when teaching classes or coaching clients is to instill in participants a true sense of confidence in their workouts and lifestyle decisions. This leads to continued participation, a higher sense of self-efficacy, increased confidence, great results, and having A LOT of fun. A sustainable, healthy lifestyle is not a fad diet or the hottest new workout, but it is a series of small, meaningful changes that build the foundation for a new way of life.

Michelle can:

  • Serve as your personal wellness coach and guide the process as you set short and long term goals relevant to your current and desired health status

  • Strategize and plan a workout regimen that will fit your lifestyle and help you reach fitness goals

  • Motivate you and keep you accountable as you work towards making long term, sustainable life changes

  • Act as a short or long term partner in your fitness and wellness strategy


Contact M to find out how she can help you improve your quality of life! You can also try out one of Michelle’s BOXFIT classes at VO2 Fitness.

"Somewhere along the way, exercise lost its ability to be fun. My ultimate goal with fitness clients is that they first HAVE FUN! If you find a great workout plan that fits your life, you will stick with it. Add in accountability and a strong coach? You have no option but success." - MNB

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