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Website Development & Social Media

You are in the business of doing your business, whether that's running an organic flower farm, managing a martial arts gym, or making the best tasting protein bar in stores today. Your business is what you are good at, and it is the passion around that enterprise that drives you. My business is understanding my clients, setting a plan for success, and transforming their business goals into reality.

Guiding your passion is my purpose. Let's do business together.

Michelle specializes in template based website design (Squarespace) and social media management.

M works as a coach, consultant, and project manager with clients to analyze business practices, set goals, develop a customized marketing plan, then works alongside you to make it all a reality. Michelle works with both new and established businesses to either launch or refresh marketing initiatives.  With her background in motivational interviewing and coaching, M knows you are the expert in your business, and she uses her skills in communications, networking and marketing strategy to develop (and implement) a plan that will enhance the overall wellness of your enterprise.

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Michelle will:

  • Coach you as you set short and long term goals relevant to your current and desired business status

  • Partner with you to design an effective marketing plan that reaches your ideal customer base

  • Brainstorm with you to develop new avenues for promoting your business or idea

  • Design, create, and launch an effective and aesthetically appealing online presence for your business

  • Develop print materials to support your online marketing strategy

  • Create/update/expand/maintain social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, etc)


Contact MN to find out how she can help your business or enterprise move to the next level!

"When I work with a client, my goal is to help them feel confident, organized, and optimistic about the direction of their marketing initiatives. As a coach, I want to empower my clients to make strategic decisions and feel prepared acting on them. There's nothing more I enjoy than seeing others succeed!" - MNB

Michelle is not only an articulate expert of all-things-technological-and-marketing-related, she is a gifted practitioner of human psychology! She has been my biggest cheerleader, encouraging me to not underestimate the value of my creativity, time, and services, and has given me the confidence to manage my own business better. Her enthusiastic presence, confident expertise and approach-ability is a constant source of great comfort and support for me as I have stepped more intentionally into my spiritual calling and vocational passion while working with her.
— Beckie Boger, Divine Equines